One Mile East composite One Mile East view
One Mile East detail
Installation at the corner of Leman, Royal Mint and Dock Streets, London
(metal halide and low-pressure sodium light, hand-layered paint glaze & projected shadows)
One Mile East (1999) was the outcome of a commission from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets through Look Ahead Housing Association for a permanent site installation at the junction of Leman, Royal Mint and Dock Streets, close to the north end of Tower Bridge.

The specified site was an electricity substation adjacent to two contiguous railway lines, the Victorian arches of British Rail and the recently completed Docklands Light Railway. It was also located at the junction of three major traffic arteries, something which did not encourage pedestrians to linger.

The ceiling and massive concrete pillars of the substation's forecourt were painted in layers of yellow and orange glaze, which intensify to a golden glow under the yellow sodium lights which come on at dusk. The Victorian archway was flooded with blue dichroic lighting, causing the old steel springs suspended from the ceiling to cast ghostly shadows as trains passed overhead.